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” Kid Capri vs Funkmaster Flex “

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When I first caught wind of some type of friction between KID CAPRI & FUNKMASTER FLEX, just like many of you I barely paid any attention and kept it moving..


Even though I have respect for both on some type of level – I feel they strayed far from the original recipe and got caught up in the hype aspect of the art form instead of the skill trade side of the things…Shit got too commercial with them…Things got extremely corny and predictable for me…So a so-called battle between the two of them appeared as entertaining as a lengthy root canal procedure…

I changed my opinion quickly though when I caught this clip yesterday of KID CAPRI setting off a preemptive strike against the notorious loud mouth Funk Flex….Instead of going the expected glossy route – the BX legend let off a full clip of strictly breaks all the while calling FLEX out and hitting him with all types of taunts, disses, and over the top verbal abuse….Sure CAPRI uses Serato (This would have been way iller if he kept it traditional with the breaks and freaked vinyl) but I can’t front, this is the type of energy that made me appreciate him in the first place….

Seriously doubt FLEX will enter the ring after catching wind of this..

One response

  1. alter

    capri will burn flex

    June 27, 2018 at 5:59 PM

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