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” Italian Groove Morale “

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DUALISMO SOUND is a re-issue label that specializes in uncovering under the radar Italian flavors from 1976-1982…Andrea Dallera is the main dude and driving force behind the imprint…Recently he sat down with BAN BAN TON TON for a interview and also a guest mix spot that is flooded with all types of gems…

“In Italy, in the ’70s, experimenting was the norm. A lot of musicians – especially “institutional” musicians – used to have various side projects where they could freely create whatever they wanted. In the late ’70s you could find a Jazz maestro like Enrico Intra composing a “Sci- Fi Disco Funk” track with Tullio De Piscopo. Using just a Fender Rhodes and some heavy breaks. See Starbus. Franco Bonfanti, a television composer, going fuzzy with the Monk’s Group, which I think also included Sergio Farina. Rigol – Duilio Radici, another Jazzcat – with the conductorship of Atta creating the Jazz Funk joint, Human Strength. Paolo Zavallone was working with television orchestras, doing TV appearences and making Pop hits. But, when he joined with De Piscopo and Gigi Cappellotto – a legendary bassist, they created the masterpiece Yellow Fever. A curious fact is that I’ve recently spoken to both Zavallone and Intra for some interviews and both of them insist they it was they who discovered De Piscopo, when he was stationed in the North of Italy during his military service.

Recently I got really interested in Neapolitan Disco sounds, after hearing some mixes by local DJs such as Dnapoli and Famiglia Discocristiana. Napoli has a unique background in Italy, and it has always been the country`s “funkiest” city”.



Renzo Di Jaso Group – Un Disco E Noi

Eduardo De Crescenzo – Alle Sei Di Sera

Paolo Zavallone – Yellow Fever

Gruppo 2001 – Stratosfera

La Nuova Formula – Caffè Espress

Enrico Intra – Starbus

Giancarlo Chiaramello – Voce E Notte

Rigol & Atta – Human Strength

Quark – Samba Dancing

The Monk’s Group – Substance

Beppe Cantarelli – Milano Madrid

La Comune Idea – Cuore di Serpente

The Spitfires – Move Your Ass Gringo

Enrico Intra – Insieme

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.25.03 AM

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    good stuff props you keep it boom bap…stay strong

    May 30, 2018 at 3:29 AM

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