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” Reading Is Fundamental “

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Remember when the WU started gaining heavy momentum and it appeared as if the RZA could do no wrong it when it came to the beats ? You have to admit that Prince Rakeem had an incredible run before things went left…METHOD MAN, ODB, GZA, RAE & GHOST fully capitalized and benefited from having access to the Abbot’s beats at this time for full length projects, top to bottom….For some extremely ODD reason when it was turn for DECK (Who is my favorite from the Clan when it comes to flat out rhyming), CAPPADONNA, and UGOD they only had a few RZA produced cuts on their albums, which hurt them tremendously in my opinion…

In U GOD’s new book “Raw” he goes into detail about the up’s and downs of the industry, the history and future of the Clan, Family, tour life, disputes with the RZA, and all types of shit that surprisingly kept me reading it from start to finish in one sitting..


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