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” Friday Firepower “

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Once again I’m headed to Italy for some goodies – for this post the Italian Sonar Music Edition label hits us with some official treats….

“Sonor Music Editions presents one of the most elusive records of Italian Library field and an insane piece of trippy mood music. The mental Psychedelic artwork reflects the hallucinogenic sounds of this crazy music production from 1971. Weird Lounge intervallos and deeply Experimental Avant-garde themed music with loads of different moods for background use and sound sensations. Early atonal and Psychedelic extreme Library music from the Italian 1970s golden production”.


1.Nello Ciangherotti – Attento! 01:59
2.Nello Ciangherotti – Desolazione Cosmica 01:54
3.Roversol – Raggio Di Luna 02:01
4.Nenty – Passi 02:33
5.Roversol – Mattino Stanco 01:45
6.Nello Ciangherotti – Viaggio 02:09
7.Nenty – Scooter 01:35
8.Nello Ciangherotti – Orbita Lunare 02:13
9.Nenty – Ezechiele Lupo 02:34
10.Roversol – Borgata Triste 01:23
11.Nello Ciangherotti – Arsenio Lupin 02:04
12.Nenty – Stelle Vaganti 01:32
13.Roversol – Chemin De Fer 01:54
14.Nenty – Cripta 01:46

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