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” Columbus Kingz : J Rawlz “

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It’s always interesting to learn about different Hip Hop scenes that thrive outside of NYC, LA, and the regular hot spots…..Columbus , Ohio has a interesting history with many key players that continue to make their mark in 2018…On this clip from the “Columbus Kingz” documentary J RAWLZ drops good convo…


“Jason Rawls (also known as J Rawls) has been all over the world. Taking frequent trips to Europe, South America and beyond, the legendary Hip Hop producer and deejay is proud to call Columbus, Ohio home and has since birth.

Calling the Southside home, Rawls grew up on Eldorn Drive, beginning his musical interest at the age of three. His parents used to mark the tracks on the front of records before Jason could read. He knew what music he liked before he could even read the alphabet.As he grew older, his record collection got bigger. Attending the University of Cincinnati after high school, Rawls grew his record collection and began mastering the art of sampling. He would receive his first professional break when he produced the songs “Brown Skin Lady” and “Yo Yeah” for Mos Def and Talib Qweli’s legendary album, Blackstar.

Later beginning a solo career, J Rawls released his first album, The Essence Of J Rawls in 2001. The album received critical acclaim as Rawls followed up with The Living Soul later that year and Situational Ethics in 2003. Both albums were collaborative projects with Fat Jon as the duo 3582.

In 2006, J released the first in what would be come a series of new endeavors for him with The Liquid Crystal Project. One of Rawls’ most critically acclaimed albums was 2011’s The Hip-Hop Affect. It was also the last solo album release under the J Rawls moniker. Last year marks the release of the third in the series (The Liquid Crystal Project 3). 2012 also saw the release of another Rawls collaborative album as he and Casual dropped Respect Game Or Expect Flames during the summer.

While J Rawls has been around the scene for a long time and is known for being a crate-digger, there is no doubt of his involvement in Ohio’s newer scene. December of 2012 saw the release of P. Blackk’s Contemporary Nostalgia, an album completely produced by Rawls. J is also the head of Polar Entertainment, under which he’s singed Ohio and Virginia natives Jeán P and LAKIM.

Ahead of his times in some aspects of music and a purist in others, J Rawls has seen the Columbus scene evolve. Being a mentor and a watching eye on the city he’s called home since birth, Rawls continues his guidance–the type he received from legendary hometown group S.P.I.R.I.T. many years ago”.

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