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” Midweek Flavors “

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Straight from Spain comes this session by the YELLOWROCKERS CREW…

Give it a listen and catch a zone!!!


– ASSASSINS-TIME TO DIE (prod: Jade Emperor-Jade Badger)
– THATS LIFE (prod: Patrick Luke / mc: Official Burnt Toast)
– BLACKOUT (prod: Adrian Younge / mc: Ghostface Killah & Raekwon)
– JAZZ TRAIN (prod: Youtaro)
– CAN I GET A WITNESS (prod: Eric Lau)
– F.A.L.A. (prod: DJ Premier / Guru)
– VIOLENCE-Who’s Afraid? Pt.2 (prod: DJ Cutt / mc: Supreme)
– UNRELIABLE (prod: Godfather Don)
– THE BOSS (prod: Pete Rock)
– SOLAR CHAIN (prod: Remulak / mc: M9 & Skriblah Dan Gogh)
– ANOTHER DEMO TAPE (prod: Madlib / mc: Quasimoto)
– SHORTIES WATCHING (prod: Ray West / mc: Kurious)
– SEED OF MEMORY (prod: Apollo Brown)
– CHILLIN’ (prod: CientÌfico)
– HAUS KATZE (prod: Aver)
– 27 (prod: Crabbman & Jamma)
– CELESTIAL CONNECTION-Astral Projections (prod: Alpha Centori)
– INTRO… more
released January 6, 2018

No Commission is produced, executed, mixed and mastered by WholeTrain (Format).
Created in WholeLab in the last months of the year 2017.
Artwork by Change Gonna Come.

One response

  1. alter

    Is this the whole train that put out the movie whole train with krs and el DA sensai on the soundtrack or is this a completely different cat as a DJ?

    January 13, 2018 at 2:07 AM

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