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” Reading Is Fundamental “

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At this point books are just as important for me as records…..Sure you can rock e-books and all that, but nothing beats adding more firepower to your personal library….This joint by those FAT LACE dudes (Promo Only: A Visual History of Hip Hop Memorabilia) will be a nice addition to my collection…

Andrew Emery & Dan Greenpeace for the win…..

“It tells the story of the music’s rich heritage through a range of rare items in a beautifully curated cornucopia of the authors’ (and their peers’) huge collections of hip-hop ephemera, clothing, press photos, rare promo posters, T-shirts, hats, toys, sneakers and more, gathered over 30 years. From Run DMC sweatshirts to Eminem sneakers, unreleased records to Public Enemy dolls, genuine Wu-Tang ‘killer’ bees to Def Jam jackets, they’re all here. Andrew and Dan have opened their own cupboards, boxes and storage units, but have also reached out to a legion of international rap nerds to ensure that this is the cream of rap collectibles. With items photographed exclusively for this collection and complete with notes that shed even more light on these covetable artefacts, Promo Only is the fruit of a combined 60 years of being in love with hip-hop”.


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