Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” Spek : Fuck That Mix “

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“I’m a hoodlum, a dick and a gun is what I’m holding / sport mad Polo but only if its stolen…I got no morals my mind is in the gutter / I will open up your face with my orange box cutter”…..

Those avenue anarchist bars came from STICKY FINGERS on the very slept on “Evil Streets” remix that somehow slipped past dudes radar when it dropped in 1995…..You will find this along with some rugged selections on SPEK’s “Fuck That Mix”


01. Intro [Concrete Mob – Boiling Point Instrumental]
02. Buckwild – Wack Juice
03. Half Pit Half Dead – Better Off Dead
04. The Almighty RSO feat. Mobb Deep – War’s On
05. The Colony – Where Ya At
06. Onyx feat. Method Man – Evil Streets (Remix)
07. The Psycho Realm – Stone Garden (Instrumental)
08. FATAL Fountain – All About Wars
09. NY Confidential – Backstabbed
10. Connecticut Kartel – Money Clips
11. Lace Da Booms – Ain’t No Secret
12. Nick Wiz – Over Drive
13. Dizaster – Infiltrate
14. Shadowz In Da Dark – Final Chapter
15. Mr. Voodoo – Lyrical Tactics (Instrumental)
16. Ruggedness Madd Drama – Checkin Down The Menu (Remix)
17. Soul Survivors – We Rock The Mic (Instrumental)
18. Call O’ Da Wild – Ruffturrain
19. Camouflage Large – Cocbacda 9
20. Cypress Hill – Killa Hill (Instrumental)
21. 12 O’Clock & Raekwon – Nasty Immigrants
22. ICF – Now Or Never (Da Klan Mix)
23. Maylay Sparks – Skool Dayz (1st Semester)
24. Wu-Tang Clan – It’s Yourz (Instrumental)
25. Grand – The Visitor (Situation Critical)
26. Frankenstein – The Rain Is Gone
27. KC Da Rookee feat. Pure God Manifested – What Da Blood
28. Khromozomes feat. Infared – Say Word


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