Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” Seth Silencer Heat “

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.25.24 AM

It’s crazy that so many producers out there are more interested in promoting their stuff instead of spending time in the lab concocting ill beats…..You see it on social media : cats posting up a million beat tapes a year, nonstop live finger drumming and chopping, and a avalanche of promotions with no advancement in their skill level….

Sorry to burst your bubble homeboy, but it takes time to assemble a batch of fresh productions…It takes time to find source material that is worthy of manipulation…It’s going to take a lot of time and dedication to make a lasting impact in the beat world regardless of money, connections, placements, and all that other shit…

In my opinion the best promotion is making banging joints…From the little I have heard from SETH SILENCER- I gotta admit, this kid is onto something….For instance, if you slept on this crazy track from MEYHEM LAUREN “Aggressive Metal” with production from SETH- I highly suggest you turn this up a few notches (Hands down the best cut off the Piatto D’Oro album from last year)….

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