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” Shillz Da Realz Steez “

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.09.03 AM

There are all types of cornball podcast out there these days…Dudes trying to parlay traffic into future endeavors, dudes that played the sidelines back in the day trying to front in 2017 like they was LIVE, all types of commentary from cats that was never really on the field with all types of “back to the future” schemes that should be banished from any true B-Boy’s circumference…

One of the LO-LIFE founders SHILLZ DA REALZ has a podcast that goes deep into depth about grimy old NYC- pre-internet, pre gentrification, pre RL reissues, pre- corporations taking Hip Hop over…..Truth be told, this is some of the illest shit you will see on the net so don’t snooze….


*SHILLZ has been known to shoot off a few bars as well…On “Medicaid” he goes for broke over a sinister backdrop that will perk your ears up!!!

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