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“DJ Koko:Undergound Railroad 2 Repost”

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.14.18 AM

AWWW SHIT….Back in 2010 I posted up a mix by DJ KOKO- AKA DJ SHIMOKITA called “Underground Railroad 2” that got plenty burn on this side…FFWD to 2017- KOKO is starting to get the props he truly deserves by flipping the fuck out 45’s in a way that has many shaky DJ’s scared to fucking death !!!


Because he is approaching 45’s with a pure BBoy approach….Doubles, cuts, blends and all that other shit that makes your average, run of the mill, lazy DJ stick out like a sore thumb..Much props to Japan’s KOKO for keeping it fresh like your supposed to!!


01. Born Talent / For All The Heads
02. Handz / Handz Of Def
03. Godfather Don / Properties Of Steel
04. Donny Hoffa / No Escape
05. Mass Kunfusion / I Do My Dirt
06. J-Force / For All Thoze
07. Big Dubez & Ed.Og / Act Like What U Say
08. Born Suspicious / 44 Maggin’ (Inst)
09. Khromozomes / Say Word
10. Brainsick / Mix Master
11. The Professionals / Sit Back Relax
12. Tragic Technicians / A&R Killers
13. Buddah Nation / Buddah Nation
14. Skemen / Under Pressure
15. Showbiz & Ag / Under Pressure
16. Mellow T / Pressure
17. Q.Ball & Curt Cazal / Hedz To Bed
18. T.D.K. / Street Life (A World Of Crime)
19. Mood / Info For The Streets
20. Shabaam Sahdeeq / It Could Happen
21. Demastas & Nine / Feel No Guilt
22. Strong Peoples / It Ain’T Safe
23. Tru-Form / King Of Yes Yall
24. Nomad / Blessed 2 Mic Check
25. J.U.I.C.E. / Unrational
26. Bored Stiff / Nine-Six
27. Dereliks / I Am A Record

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