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” Back To The Future “

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Just like many of the Hip Hop Battlefield readers, the first time I heard material from LASTER is when DJ PREMIER cut up doubles of “Off Balance” on the “New York Reality Check” mixtape…He dropped a few 12 inches after that, but we never got a full length album unfortunately…

FFWD- to 2017 the folks at BACK2DABASICS got access to a stash of unreleased joints from that era that never saw the light of day for whatever reason..


A: One on One
A: Hardknocks
A: Clueless
A: Elbow Room
A: Twisted Logic

B: Open House
B: Gone With The Wind
B: Backstabbers
B: Flattery
B: Step Up Front

Here are snippets to the limited edition wax release-

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  1. alter

    boston mc

    October 9, 2017 at 12:38 AM

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