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” Illwaukee Wreckage “

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What comes to mind when you think of Milwaukee / Illwaukee if you have never been there before ?

Beer, cheese, Laverne and Shirley, pimps, cold weather, industrial landscapes, etc..HAHAHAHA…Truth be told the city has a heavy history of Mafia dealings, ruthless gangbangers, and a true to the grain Hip Hop lineage that has never fully received the proper light..CHRIS DOPE FOLKS took it upon himself to assemble a session that is flooded with strictly obscure 90’s Milwaukee joints…Give it a listen- I’m quite sure you will be surprised by how nasty some of these mid-west dudes were coming back then…..


MC Richie Rich N $cratch Luv featuring Stricklin, Rock La Flow,
and B Day Rock: Pull the Trigger (1991 Cassette)
E-Play Smooth: Black Czar (1992 Cassette)
True Hustlers: I’m A Soldier Remix (1992 cassette)
Sixx-Dog And JD Love (Of The N.C.T.): So Funky (1992 Cassette)
Powerhouse: The Deadline (1995 Cassette)
Soul Food: Hands in The Sky (1997 Cassette)
The Rapper’s Time: Freezin’ Ice (1992 Cassette)
OZ (Ozmola): True Story (1994 Cassette)
Expose: Whatever (1997 12″ single)
Rhetoric: 414 (1997 Cassette)
Wikkedness: The Huntest (1997 Demo tape)
Sixx-Dog And JD Love (Of The N.C.T.) Ruff N Tuff Ghetto (1992 Cassette)
Tha R.A.N.: Radio Banned Me (1992 Cassette)
Powerhouse: Funky Verse (1995 Cassette)
Shotemak & Pitt: Swing (1994 Cassette)
Cess Pool: Want Everything (1997 Cassette)
Rusty P’s: Keep it Locked (UK 12″)
DJ Wolf D: Always Had Love For Ya (1997 Cassette)
E-Play Smooth: I-94 2 Zion (1992 Cassette)
Outro: D. Tucker & The Big Bank Brothers: Live on the set (1994 cassette)

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