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” Fluent : Tokestrumentals “

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.09.43 PM

First time the UNKUT RAW “First Toke” instrumentals were available…Dont Sleep cuzzo !!!!

“This is an edited version of the instrumentals from the 2007 Green Llama release, Uncut Raw – First Toke. It includes all 34 beats used on the original release.

First Toke was the first official release by the Green Llama Movement in 2007. GLM started as myself, a music maker from Pennsylvania and staying in Akron, Ohio at the time, and ILL DON, the native New Yorker creative. After finding some old public access radio broadcasts of The Green Llama radio show, we adopted the name. We added Decay, the Chicago native emcee, who then subsequently added his close friend, Selfish, another Chitown emcee, and formed the groups City Slick and Uncut Raw, respectively. I had been sending beats to Selfish for a year or so, putting together tracks and keeping them in the vaults. Once we had a lot of tracks recorded, we mixed it all, put the final touches on it and the rest is history.

The album received good reviews at the time and started to develop a word of mouth buzz. When the album was picked up and re-released by a label in 2008, after a strong initial push it had to be pulled from shelves when a sample dispute was started by someone who was sampled for an interlude on the album. The result meant the end of selling physical copies of the album at the time through the label, and left a salty taste in our mouths from dealing with the business aspect of making the music that we love.

Work began on the follow-up album, which was titled “Heavy Dose”. The album was completed but due to the universe deciding it wasn’t time to release it, the album did not see the light of day.”

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