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” Like Father Like Son “

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Do yourself a favor and peep this documentary (In My Father’s House) if your on the hunt for some Friday night jewelry….

Addis Pablo, in a somewhat expected step has taken up a career as a performer and producer following in his father’s footsteps, a brave and challenging move considering the status and work which his father achieved and still maintains to this day across the world. However, having been raised by his father in a musical environment on Orange Street, receiving the teachings and morals expressed by Augustus Pablo, and continued to be instilled by his Mother who is and was very instrumental at the time of his Father’s passing.

Addis has ever since played his melodica and produced music with the same effect which his father has had and has been getting great reception to his attempts thus far, he knows it’s a far way to go and is willing to put in the time and effort to get his skills to the highest levels with the help of his beliefs in the Principles of his Father’s Spiritual Religious upbringing through the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie King Of Ethiopia .

In 2013 Addis Teamed up with Amsterdam based Roots Rock Reggae Powerhouse Jahsolidrock for his debut album. The dutch label who are known for their modern day classic albums from Apple Gabriel, Brinsley Forde and the massive Chezidek releases, are definitively the right partners in this musical project called ” In My Father’s House” .In the same tradition as Augustus Pablo and his Rockers International label/crew, the dutch label and Addis Pablo will take you on a musical journey where Roots Reggae meets Rastafari mysticism and first class musicianship.

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