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” Salutes “

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I try not to post too many RIP dedications, but recently their were a few deaths that I have to mention on general principle…

PRODIGY- What a tremendous blow to the entire Hip Hop world…Like most of you I somewhat grew up on MOBB’s music and identified with their rugged no nonsense approach…Many of the so-called hardcore dudes repping today owe a tremendous amount to MOBB DEEP without a fraction of a doubt..Matter of fact a lot of dudes straight up bit their blueprints but could never quite match up to what the duo were dropping in the mid- late 90’s….

PRODIGY received heavy praise for a myriad of reasons, but one thing they never seem to talk about was his penchant for “attention grabbing” openers in his verses…He grabbed your attention as soon as he started rhyming by spitting wild shit that usually drew you right in….Too many MC’s waste time on the mic, we live in a ADD era where every bar counts, especially the first four in my opinion…If I don’t hear something fly within the first 30 seconds – I tend to keep it moving….


Back in 2010 I remixed some joints from MOBB’s catalogue just to push myself and see what I could come up with…When I was finally finished I felt the need to share it because I spent many nights tinkering, reassembling, re-editing, and all types of shit…If you haven’t heard it, give it some decent burn and catch a zone..

EDUCATED RAPPER- I guess I’m showing my age, but I vividly remember picking up UTFO’s first batch of singles as a shorty..When UTFO dropped I honestly felt that EMD was the best MC in the group, he had a way with his flow that was advanced, original, and highly skilled…Everyone talks about the “Roxanne, Roxanne era”, but the group put it out great material afterwards as well…

For instance, on “Life In The Projects” he flexes a deadly style that is worthy of heavy praise…


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