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” Reading Is Fundamental “

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For every pair of kicks I copped over the years, I made sure to buy a book simultaneously just to balance the scales between materialism and personal growth and development…I’m glad I went about things in this fashion because my collection has helped me tremendously throughout the years…

CORMEGA is on the verge of dropping a book that I plan on adding to my library..”Understanding The True Meaning” will be released in the very near future so do not snooze cuzzo…..

In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of The True Meaning, which is coming up on June 25, Cormega teamed up with Brian Kayser to deliver an in-depth look at the critically-acclaimed album. Featuring lyrical breakdowns from Mega as well as commentary from those involved, including the producers and behind-the-scenes team. Understanding The True Meaning will not disappoint. Contributors include Alchemist, Buckwild, D/R Period, Hi-Tek, J Waxx Garfield, and of course J-Love, among others.

Cormega is doing a limited run of signed copies. Follow the PayPal button below to purchase your signed copy of Understanding The True Meaning. Copies will ship towards the end of June.


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