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” Mid Week Treats “

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.33.13 AM

Even though we have so much access to all types of media that we never had before, I truly think we need a new millennium YO MTV RAPS or something of that ilk to make sure certain videos don’t slip through the cracks….

It’s going to take someone with knowledge of Hip Hop history, determination, focus and a unyielding passion to pull it off…I never took ED ,DRE, & FAB 5 FREDDY for granted – they were creative enough to showcase videos with some type of quality control, but they also broadcasted to a die – hard Hip Hop audience a glimpse into some of their favorite artist personal lives for the first time….Hopefully one day a smart individual will put my hopes into action, until then I will scour You Tube to stumble across videos that I did not know existed….

For instance, did you know KOOL G RAP made a video for “Real Life” off of the first SOUL ASSASSINS comp with MUGGS ?

* I will never understand how this joint got slept on…

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