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” Drama Overdose “

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The first time I heard someone flip one of David Axelrod’s compositions was on “Take Em To War” with Kool G.Rap, B1 & MFGRIMM….The producer of that track (T-Ray) didn’t add much to the original sample source and sometimes you shouldn’t if the loop your freaking has all the right elements without any additional programming (I could write a book on this dynamic with the greatest of ease but it might bore motherfuckers to death – HAHA)…..

Anyway, when I first heard this beat the only thing that came to mind was DRAMA…It didn’t hurt that GRIMM & company were spitting some of the most sinister shit on top of it, but even without the lyrics this particular beat raised the bar when it came to pure , unadulterated evil sounding shit…David Axelrod was a genius on many levels and it’s unfortunate that he is no longer with us in the physical form (He lost his battle with lung cancer earlier this year) – thankfully he left a incredible discography for us to absorb and delve into….

Here is a dedication mix by WALLA P (Music Is my Sanctuary) that deserves your attention….


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  1. alter

    The human abstract holly Thursday….first time I heard take em to war I was with my boy from the hood we had kool g raps tape the best track on the tape we had to rewind the track….tap the bottom of the bottle was OK to…456 and fast life was more flashy.

    May 17, 2017 at 8:10 PM

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