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” Architect : SP 404 Wreck “

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My cuzzo ARCHITECT has been on a straight killing spree with the beats the last couple years…Even though his first commercial release was in the early 90’s, he has steadily progressed and updated his approach to production in a very original, explosive fashion….Truth be told, he is a motherfucking problem !!!

Here is a recent interview he did with the good folks at HECKLER (Salute Riff, I see you Captain)…..

H: You’re on the MF Grimm’s American Hunger remix album. How does doing remixes differ than working with the artists.

A: Well the crazy thing about American Hunger was I did a lot of American Hunger itself in the original version. I think maybe three or four songs on there so I had the vibe that I was already familiar with Grimm. It wasn’t very hard to remix it. You know. I got to do the remix of the songs that didn’t do in the first place and I know Grimm personally so knew the vibe. I knew Grimm from years back from the early 2000’s working with him on music and he did the “Good Morning Vietnam” project with Drasar Monumental and he was like “Yo, you got to holler at my man.” So when I hollered at Drasar, It was just a no brainer. We were both on the same vibe, same ill style of beats, and same outlook on the game. So it was like a no brainer. We just got together and I had “[Hot] Butter Soul” I was working on. Butter Soul comes out of my beat set. It’s basically a version of my beat set live. I just basically did it live on the fly. I put beats on there that I come through on my beat sets. So it’s like all new beats that people have never heard. I just went in with the drum machine and the Kaos pad.


*And while your at it, take a listen to the brand spanking new SP404 project…

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.45.02 PM

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