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” Box Cutter Brothers In The Mix “

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 10.23.20 PM

*Above pic – AYATOLLAH, HOGON PLUS, FDRZ, WIZ, SPECS ONERZ, and myself in Seattle a few weeks ago after the BCB4 release party…

Alright, how should I kick this off?

This is going to be a little long winded, so bear with me as I drop jewelry….I was listening to the latest episode of the OFFICIAL CRATE MUSIC podcast, and almost spit out my coffee when I heard DJ JON DOE straight murdering “Twinz” off the new BOX CUTTER BROTHERS 4 album….

Not only did they set the whole podcast off with that cut, (the 3:13 mark) he went in with a avalanche of doubles, cuts and all the extras….It’s a surreal feeling when you hear someone you don’t know personally catching absolute wreck on your shit…

If your unfamiliar with the song “Twinz”, HOGON PLUS is on the first verse, I’m on the second verse, and I made the beat……


I met HOGON when I was 13 years old in a rap battle (I actually rapped against him)….After that day we realized we shared a lot of the same beliefs regarding Hip Hop, we clicked up, formed a crew and have been rocking ever since…Truth be told, when it comes to bar work, he is truly in a class by himself..I have personally witnessed him tear numerous sucker MC’s to shreds without blinking an eye….

At this point in his life he is totally disillusioned with the so-called rap game, he believes the majority of dudes rhyming nowadays are cornballs, he also has no tolerance for tinker bell beats (Reminds me of myself, hahaha)..Anyway, I’m very excited that people finally get to hear one of the most dangerous MC’s in the entire world on wax for the first time……

HOGON PLUS, remember the name, I promise you will hear more from him in the future..

The BOX CUTTER BROTHERS 4 vinyl is almost sold out….Scoop up a copy if you know whats best for you – HERE

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