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” Bozack Morris : Black Zodiak 2 “


All the way from Canada comes this session that is flooded with all types of soul power goodies….BOZACK MORRIS (The producer for the sinister MACK 90 cut with Conway) brings very heavy selections to the table so please do not sleep trooper…


5 years ago, I dropped “Black Zodiac”. A mix of 70’s slow burning soul bangers I was all about. Joints that stood on its own for fans who liked their music to knock. Now I present the new installment, “Black Zodiac Two”. Nothin sweet about this soul right here.

*All selections from my personal vinyl collection*
*Don’t sample my tape to make beats*

One response

  1. Frank Zito

    Good call D

    March 6, 2017 at 11:44 PM

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