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” Just – Ice : House List “


You know it’s going to be a good day when you get the opportunity to hear JUST-ICE speak his mind for almost two hours straight…..

On this episode of ‘The House List’, Peter Agoston travels to the top of The Bronx for a rare conversation with one of Hip-Hop’s unsung legends, JUST-ICE. Born in Brooklyn, reared in the Bronx, Just-Ice is New York City personified. We talk about the earliest inclinations of what would be the genre of Hip-Hop, Justice’s vast record collection, his seminal works with Kurtis Mantronik on the Fresh/Sleeping Bag imprint, getting lit with T-La Rock & Laurence Fishburne, playing ball with BDP’s Scott La Rock, and much more. This is an essential listening for any purveyor of Classic Hip-Hop. All recorded in Just-Ice’s home in the Bronx.

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