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” Vendetta Vinyl Broadcast #6 “


Without further delay – here is a brand new mix I assembled to make sure BBoy morale is at an all time high in 2017..”Vendetta Vinyl Broadcast #6″ is flooded with all types of treats….

You should know the motherfucking drill by now : Blends, doubles, under the radar material,and all types of flavors that I did not include on the tracklist, so do not sleep troopers…

*Feel free to spread around..


1..Cayman Island Titan intro

2..Imam Thug – “QB 2000”

3..KILLER BEN – “Emcee Killer”

4..Beat Nuts – “Robbed”

5..P.Brothers featuring Roc Marciano – “Caviar”

6..Criminal Scientific – “Yeah Daddy”

7..Ed O.G “Make The Money” inst.

8..Dynasty – “Poisonous Youth” accapella flip…

9..Nutso & Branesparker – “Goin In”

10..Legion – “Freestyle Demolition” inst.

11..Ak Skills “Nights of Fear” accapella flip..

12..Motion Man – “Call The National Guard”

13..Ghostface Killer & Trife The God – “Milk Em”

14..Homeless Derelix – “In The Mix”

15..Authorized Fam – “On the Rise”

16..Large Pro – “Ultimate”

17..Grand Agent – “Legend” inst

18..Royal Flush – “Pop The Clutch” accapella flip

19..Kice – “Competition”

20..Res Connected – “Shoot Em Down”

21..Fully G – “There She Goes Again” inst.

22..Roc Marciano – “Not A Game” accapella flip

23..Ka – “Cold Facts”

24..MFGRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “Song Of The Winter Soldier”

2 responses

  1. alter

    Fresh accapella flips to 🙂

    February 1, 2017 at 4:58 AM

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