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“More Large Pro Flames “


JEFF WEISS hits us with a nice write up on the significance of MAIN SOURCE’s debut album 25 years later….I don’t agree with all of his points, but it’s still worth your time regardless..

The bespectacled Large Professor leads the ceremony, backwards cap on, commanding the DJ to stop and re-start the tape. But this time…LOUDER. A dozen on-stage teenagers attempt to mean mug, but they can barely conceal their euphoria. For the first time, they’re about to perform what was immediately hailed as the best posse cut ever (unless you preferred “The Symphony.”)

Large Professor introduces his crew: Joe Fatal, Akinyele, and, of course, Nasty Nas, the Jesus-snuffing prodigy from Queensbridge, already revered as the second coming of Rakim, the God MC. Extra P roars for the DJ to “turn that shit up.” Sleigh bells shake over the boot stomping Bob James drums. Sinuous guitar lines lifted from Vicki Anderson create havoc. The crew simultaneously bang their heads, throw their hands in the air, and then Nas obliterates the binary between heaven and hell. It’s the platonic ideal of what people talk about when they talk about “real hip-hop.”


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