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” Crazy Like That Glue : Doc “


Fame is a very interesting construct….

On one hand you got your types that start to actually believe the hype….All of the sudden they become self-absorbed and act as if the word revolves around them…Then you have your types that become disgusted by the industry and go into self imposed exile to get away from all the shenanigans….

When I saw footage of CRAIG MACK last year at a church in South Carolina as a member of some type of alleged Christian cult – I was somewhat puzzled but not completely…..Here is a guy that dropped the stellar “Get Retarded” 12 inch, became EPMD’s roadie, somehow linked up with Puffy and became as big as you possibly could in the Hip Hop world circa 1994 with “Flava In Your Ear”….That shit was literally EVERYWHERE….I MUST ADMIT I was a bigger fan of the GET RETARDED Craig Mack, but I was hopeful things would turn around until the release of his very luke-warm debut album “Project Funk The World”…It appeared that he watered down his sound and tried to assimilate into the current trends that were popping off..

FFWD to 2017 and we get the in-depth “Crazy Like that Glue” documentary that deserves your attention…


One response

  1. alter

    get retarded is ill flava in your ear ok can I get down ok dudes let religion brain wash them what ya gonna do when god comes lmao

    January 16, 2017 at 11:00 PM

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