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” Skeme Drops Jewelry “


I read somewhere that, “You should honor your heroes but you should never meet them in person”…HAHAHAHAHA…Yeah, their have been instances where I met someone that I look / looked up to and they turned out to be absolute suckers..On the other hand I have been pleasantly surprised that some of my heroes turned out to be official, some of them have actually turned into close friends and associates….

When I ran into SKEME TMT a few years back at the AEROSOUL event in Oakland- not only was he humble, hilarious, etc – he was more than willing to engage and drop a enormous amount of gems (While working on his piece simultaneously)…

On a recent clip with the Visual Caffeine Crew in BK (John Robinson, Pedro Soler, etc ) he drops serious bars that will activate your Hip hop antennae…


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  1. Thank you for shharing

    January 8, 2023 at 3:45 AM

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