Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” DJ Shige : Full Tune 7 “


*Props to whoever flipped the MF GRIMM “So What You Want Nigga” logo (I See You)…

This under the radar type mix by DJ SHIGE should put a little pep in your step..After one look at the playlist-I’m quite sure you will be scooping this one up with a quickness…

*Props to LTBB..


Lethahedz / Act 1. Hip Hop Rally
Show And The Celebrity / Things That I Remember (Live)
Showbiz & A.G. / Still Diggin’
Razorblayd Feat Shawn ‘rizky Biz’ T / Get Ya 411 Straight
Flavor Rap Productions / Act Like You Know (Funk Mix)
Dalush And The Click / I’m A Bad, Bad Ni_ _Ar
The Henchmen / Blame It (Evil Twin Brothers)
Show And The Celebrity / Mama Tought Me Better
Show And The Celebrity / Mama Tought Me Better (Mama Made … Version)
Showbiz & A.G. / Fat Pockets (Radio Remix)
Showbiz & A.G. / Fat Pockets (LP Street Version)
Show And The Celebrity / Mama Tought Me Better (The Third Verse)
Asphalt Poetry Feat Rock Man / Lyrical Decay
Diamond D And The Psychotic Neurotics / Step To Me
Lord Aaquil / Check It Out
Lex Street Academy / Cheat’n
Oxtail / Styles
Oxtail / Styles (Mr, Magoo Cartoon Mix)
Da Bandit / Neck Snapper (P.S. Raw Mix)
Lord Finesse / Set It Off Troop
Lord Finesse / Hand In The Air, Mouth Shout
The Beatnuts Feat Gab / 2-3 Break
Shorty Long / Say My Name
Chino XL / Dark Night Of The Bloodspiller (Edit Mix)
Get’m Up (Skit)
Mysyenceprojek / Step Off
Tasc4ourse / Talkin’ No Shorts No More
Tasc4ourse / Sound In Your Ears
Ba Ba Kidz / Bad Boyz
Artifacts / Attack Of New Jeruzalum
Double X Posse / Addicted To The Game
Mysyenceprojek / Invisible Man
Breaking The Illusion / What Is BTI ?
Lethahedz / Mama Said. …
Propo’88 & Blabbermouf Feat Ellmatic / Pass It Ova Here !
Lord Finesse Vs. The 45 King / You Know What I’m About (DJ Shige Remix)
Lord Finesse Vs. DJ Shige / You Know What I’m About (Raw Beats Remix)
Kurious / Spell It Wit A J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
Shaleek & The 2nd Family Vs. Maestro / Competition Iz None (Remix)
Show And The Celebrity / Radio Active
A.D.O.R. / From The Concrete


One response

  1. alter

    I’ll mix gave this a listen tight.

    December 4, 2016 at 10:28 AM

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