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” Kutmaster Kurt : Q&A “


After listening to the hilarious KOOL KEITH “Your Mom Is My Wife” EP, I stumbled onto this recent interview with one of the west coast most slept on beatsmith’s- KUTMASTER KURT….

When did you meet Keith?

I met him in ’87.

What do you remember about that?

I was at this thing called the New Music Seminar in New York… They used to have an MC battle, and Keith was in the MC battle. I remember approaching him and talking to him. He was not that interested in talking to me… Later on, I saw him hanging out with MC Hammer. In 94, after Hammer got really large, Keith and I were invited to a party at MC Hammer’s house, when he had that crazy house up in Freemont. At the party, Keith went up to Hammer and said, “Hey man, remember me?” Hammer looked at him like he didn’t remember who he was. Keith was like, “Man, I was one of the only guys in New York who hung out with him and gave him respect back then. Everybody else was laughing at him!”

When did you and Keith start to record demos together?

We started recording right around Fall of ’93. I had a relationship with Loud Records… They did a demo deal with me for a group called Zero Tolerance… I was in New York, and I was like, ‘Hey Keith, I’m out here working with this group.’ Dan the Automator was out there with me, helping me record, and doing something else of his own. Keith came over to where we were set up… in ’94 we did an official demo. We did like seven songs that got us a deal in LA, and we moved to LA.


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