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” 2016 B-Boy Morale “


When I first started HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD many moons ago (8 and a half years at this point), my plan was to include politics in the mix…But after awhile I figured it would probably be best to keep certain opinions to myself…WHY?

1..You come here for music, most of you could care less what my personal views or outlooks are…

2…You never know who is reading this shit…

3..I would rather share that type of information with COMPLETE STRANGERS only if I’m asked, to many people are quick to shove their agendas down peoples throats…

4..The internet is no place for political activism…Education and studies yes, but definitely not activism…

Anyway, I’m very thankful that I spent a huge part of my youth decoding racism, bigotry, and injustice or these recent elections would have me puzzled and confused about the reality of my surroundings as a man…I guess for some people – they truly believed we lived in a post-racial America so they are apparently falling apart at the seams…

Here is a little piece of advice to anyone reading this – stay focused, stay true to yourself, and most importantly stay human…..And if you live anywhere near the bay area make sure you come to this GFC / VENDETTA VINYL / NS event that I’m spinning at Saturday, Nov25th for a boost of B Boy morale…*Click on the photo for further analysis…

**Superb artwork by my brother KUFU ONERZ….

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  1. alter

    You’re site you can do what ever you want.I do agree you never know who is reading this there are many agents and culture vultres.the first time I came to you’re old site I was looking at the crew ruber room from Chicago so I come threw hip hop in a time where there’s so mutch watered down shhh getting put out.current events are cool.pol a tricks blahhhh 🙂 great advice you always have props from me you’re Massachusetts people big ups forever.

    November 11, 2016 at 10:35 PM

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