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” Real Live Wreckage “



Do yourself a favor and watch this recent 30 minute clip of the X-ECUTIONERS (Precision, BoogieBlind, MistaSinista, and Rob Swift) tearing shit down at the Highline Ballroom 10/3/16….Please do not sleep….RIP ROC RAIDA

This is what ROB SWIFT had to say about this epic evening –

Yo, on some sincere shit. Last night was probably the proudest I’ve ever been to be a part of the X-Men / X-Ecutioners collective. I run wit’ the illest muhfuggas, period! And I say that shit wit’ the utmost respect towards every crew that has existed before and after us.

I don’t want dudes to think I’m on some ego shit cause I’m not. It’s just the way I feel. Like, we haven’t come together onstage like this since Roc Raida (RIP) was alive. That’s a total of 8 years dudes haven’t so much as practiced together. And so when the Invisible Scratch Piklz asked us to join them and jump on the Highline Ballroom bill 6 days ago (*yes, up until 6 days ago the X were going to attend as fans not as performers), the way my niggas #Precision, #BoogieBlind, #MistaSinista, #SeanCee, #DiamondJay brought it, on little to know preparation for such an epic show, doesn’t really surprise me.

I am so proud of my crew!

Big shout to all the DJs who touched the stage last night.

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