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” DJ Scratch : 45 Special Mix “


Out of the hundreds of Hip Hop shows I have attended over the years, my all time favorite was the HIT SQUAD (EPMD, Das Efx, Redman, K Solo, and DJ Scratch) tour back in the early 90’s….The house was flooded with hardrocks, gangsters and all types of other no nonsense dudes…..

The tension was so high in the room I thought some extreme violence was going to pop off at any moment – luckily the Hit Squad put on such a high energy performance the crowd had to focus on the stage instead of entertaining the thought of harming each other…..One of the illest parts of the night is when DJ Scratch got his turn to shine by himself….

After all these years Scratch has made a a huge name for himself….Here is a new 45 mix for you to catch a groove to…CHECK IN..

Running time : 50 minutes.

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