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” Showbiz Speaks “


Alright folks,I’m fully charged up and ready to hit the battlefield with reckless abandon….Here is a recent interview with one of my favorite producers- the Bronx bomber Showbiz get’s the Q&A treatment by 7:30…

*Big up to my cuzzo UNIK ONE..

Can you tell the difference between songs that are created in a studio with chemistry versus songs made in isolation?

Right now, if you get a timeless song comparing it to the ‘90s era, there was a lot more timeless songs and that comes from the chemistry that people have in the studio. I was reading that on a blog site how they said that ODB came in and walked in the wrong studio and he got on the “Superstar” record, the Mariah Carey record. And things like that happen. And just like on Show and A.G. on “Got the Flava” on the the Goodfellas album, Method Man was in the next room and he walked in and heard the beat and wanted to kick a couple of bars to it. So that type of stuff happens.

You can’t really tell now because a lot of people do send their verses in. You really can’t tell now because the music ain’t the same as it was in the ‘90s. I believe you had a lot more authentic classics and timeless music in the ‘80s and the ‘90s and I think that music is a lot more timeless than the stuff that comes out now. You may like it for a couple of months because they play it all day long. If they don’t play it on the radio no more, you don’t remember the song. That’s the difference. This music is just forced on you.

What gives music the authenticity that you’re talking about?

As a producer, I’m only speaking for producers. You gotta have a knowledge of the hip-hop that was there before you. I believe those are the people that make the best hip-hop. The best hip-hop producers are students. Premier has been following hip-hop since it came out in the beginning and he can tell you records that he bought when he was in Texas. He had a lot of knowledge. His mother took him to a lot of concerts. He was well aware of how hip-hop was supposed to sound and people such as myself and Pete Rock and Diamond, everybody had kind of studied what hip-hop was to make the best hip-hop that they could make. I’m only speaking for the producers’ side though, definitely.


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