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” Large Pro : Here We Go Remix “

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 12.08.29 PM

Awwwwww shit…

Personally, I’m sick and tired of dudes complaining about Hop Hop’s current state of affairs…If your not actively seeking out new shit to rock, either your not a true believer or you are an extremely lazy type of cat…I grew up pre- internet and had to damn near scour the earth for information – with the aid of the net their is practically no excuse for ignorance when you have a tremendous amount of access at your fingertips….

Anyway, let me get off my soapbox and give you proof that Hip Hop is alive and well in 2016…..Here is some brand new 2016 shit by Mr. Large Pro that is a bonafide sure shot single if you ask me….(Be on the lookout for the 7inch)..

Large Pro and Southpaw Chop team up once again with a follow-up to their first collaboration “Here We Go” on the 2010 “Never Stop Sampling” EP. The new release, due out in Late Summer 2016, features a remix by the man himself, Large Pro.

The original version of “Here We Go” appears on the B side, featuring Large Pro’s tight flows over top of a classic production by Southpaw Chop, with big horn swells and a hard hitting break. The A side, showcases Large Pro’s skills on production as well, with the ”Here We Go (Large Pro Remix)”. Large Pro shows a delicate sense of balance with precise sampling of guitar and horns, and a tight beat pulling the remix together. Both songs feature samples of RUN DMC’s “Here We Go”, with cuts and scratches by Southpaw Chop. The digital release will also feature the instrumental version of the remix.

Featuring a team-up of two of the strongest producers from the United States and Japan, this release brings back the vibe of the classic era, with a timeless display of production techniques and respect for the craft of Hip Hop. Large Pro and Southpaw Chop come correct with another

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