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” Monday Hardcore “

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After trying to track down SIEGE’S “Drop Dead” album for many years at a decent price, I finally stumbled upon it on a recent trip to Chicago…This group of hell raisers upped the ante in the early 80’s with a very rugged, ultrafast, grimy approach to hardcore that shredded many eardrums….If you think I’m bullshitting check this rare clip of SIEGE going for broke in 1984…

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  1. alter

    Just burned them on a cd with some New town neourotics and redskins I need a chain…reminds me of a boston club in the 80s called the ratskuller….my pops used to bring me to wack red sox games id walk past hardcore dudes with mohawks and fatigues with ratt patches on there jackets…the train tracks nere fenway park had graff all along it id be amazed…oye mate moshpit and fosters time jk lmao…

    July 19, 2016 at 6:27 PM

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