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” Dug Infinite Speaks “

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Chicago producer DUG INFINITE recently emerged from the shadows to give us an update on his new instrumental project, a recent move to San Fransisco, NO ID, his Hip Hop pedigree, and all types of other shit that will hold your attention..

FSD: As you mentioned, “The Real Weight” was on the b-side of Common’s Ice Cube diss song “The Bitch In Yoo.” Were you worried about being thrown into the beef because you were lumped into the release? Cube was very powerful at the time — and still is, of course.

Dug Infinite: Other people in my ear were worried, not me. I knew it was a chance that it might happen — us getting wrapped up in the beef — and Cube had power, but it was worth the risk. I was never worried or scared.

When Relativity’s A&R told No I.D. that he had to turn the record in by the end of day to make it on the flip side of “The Bitch In Yoo” or be released next year, I was all in, I was like “I’m with you on this.” We recorded that song right there, at that moment, and got it turned in. Back then No I.D. thrived under that type of pressure.

FSD: After that, I was expecting a full-length solo album from you, but you took a step back from the spotlight. Why?

Dug Infinite: No I.D., Peter Kang, and Luxie definitely made sure the opportunity was there if I did a demo, but I was really living up to the Infinite title. At that time a recording artist had to do a six month promo tour, and lots of travel, but I had just bought a burned out building from the City of Chicago for a couple hundred bucks and I was on the hook to fix it within one year. I also was part owner, with my pops, of a skateboard shop which was doing really well back then. Those factors plus all the production I was doing back then is why I didn’t focus on a full-length. I’m a producer first, no doubt about that, but I did do a full length later on, and never released or shopped it. Maybe my kids will one day.


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