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” Scratch Hardware Steez “

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.29.52 PM

Even though I already have two Technics 1200’s, a Vestax 07 mixer – plus a Numark portable battery powered PT01 with a Raiden Fader set up, I’m still on the hunt for another portable joint just for kicks….The VESTAX Handy Trax seems decent enough, but I was curious to see if any other companies have made an attempt to accommodate the 7inch scratch craze that has been bubbling for the last few years….

Low and behold – the DJ Tech DIF-7PT portable turntable looks quite ill….

“Obviously, the Handy Trax/PT01 principle is in play here, but concessions have been made to make it better for the task of scratching, as well as losing a few features too. The DIF-7PT has no battery power, USB, or built-in speakers, but it does have RCA and headphone output. But there is three band EQ, a rotary pitch control, and speed selector too. And it’s belt driven, but if you’ve ever used a Handy Trax, you’ll know that it’s got enough torque to remove your fingerprints. And the price? Right now it’s being floated at $300, a price that may or may not be final or even accurate”.

Be on the lookout for the DIF-7PT at some point this year….


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.28.14 PM

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