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” Vendetta Vinyl In The Area “

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.02.14 PM

2016 has been a very interesting year thus far…..

It’s about to get even more interesting when I leave the confines of Vietnam, California and head up to Seattle with my comrades for a few days of heavy digging, non stop joke cracking, a few radio spots, a couple DJ gigs – including this one at EVERYDAY MUSIC ON THE 28TH…..

MF GRIMM, AYATOLLAH, ARCHITECT (yes, that Architect who used to rock with Stones Throw in the their beginning stages with his group Homeless Derelix), and my dudes PEZO & FDRZ……So if your in the area come on through if you know what time it is….


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.25.38 AM

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