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” Strictly Hardcore Week : 1 “

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Relentless, uncompromising, unapologetic, abrasive, loud, aggressive, bold, are just a few words that describe a certain frequency of Hip Hop that has captivated my attention for the majority of my existence……A common misconception is that you have to talk about guns or jail house stories in order to be classified as hardcore in the Hip Hop world – which is untrue in my opinion…..

This week I will bless you with strictly hardcore joints new and old….So walk with me as I kick up dust, grime, and all that other filthy shit….First up to bat is this mix by SECRET WEAPON DAVE that rocks all types of rare Baltimore / Bodymore 12 inches…..


1) Ring Side – Precise & The Boys ft. Marty Cash
2) Chocolate Dip – Labtekwon
3) Sunshine – The Runaway Slaves
4) Penz n Needlez – Pen Powz
5) Competition Catch Speed Knots – Constant Deviants
6) Physics – Sparrow
7) Remember the Days – Trifwound
8) The Shop – The Arx
9) Final Analysis – KRB
10) Coptic Jihad – Labtekwon
11) Class is in Session – DJ Class
12) Just Gee’n – Junie Jam
13) I Don’t Think You’re Gonna Make It – Precise & The Boys ft. Marty Cash
14) Analyze The Style – Khaos & DBA

One response

  1. alter

    On a roll and ready for combat….no watered down cherios shhhh keep the culture alive big ups dras….

    April 18, 2016 at 7:19 PM

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