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” Sound Engineering Steez “

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If you have been DJ’ing for a substantial period of time, I believe you are a sound engineer by default….Sure you might not know your way around all of the equipment, but more than likely your ears are trained and in tune with how your bass, mids, and treble are supposed to sit in the overall mix….

After spending countless years behind the turntables, it was somewhat second nature for me to navigate my way around a studio while mixing down my productions…The difficult part is finding an engineer that understands your vision, willing to take instructions without inserting their own two cents, and assist in getting things done in a timely fashion without interrupting the work flow, etc……

Luckily for me my go to engineer “DEMOLITION” fully understands that I’m going to stretch his mind to the fullest extent when I book a session….I have to literally get him in KING TUBBY, or LEE SCRATCH PERRY mode when we lock in….With that being said ANTON PUKSHANSKY is a engineer that I have always respected because of his willingness to experiment…His work with MAIN SOURCE, ERIC B & RAKIM, ORGANIZED KONFUSION, early NAS, and KOOL G.RAP has held up extremely well sonically (even though I could have done without that keyboard sax solo on “Streets of New York” hahaha)…He drops heavy gems on a recent interview with SEAN SETARO (Cipher podcast) that you should not miss….


One response

  1. alter

    Keyboard and sax solo yeah that was a lil to mutch for me to they should of just choped the fatback band sample

    March 23, 2016 at 1:52 AM

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