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” Amed : Secret Weapon Comp “

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Nuff respect to my dude CLAAA7 over at LOST TAPES for assembling this comp that pays homage to DITC’s secret weapon AMED…Truth be told, AMED has been churning out some of DITC’s grimiest beats in recent years, but he doesn’t get the credit that he truly deserves….

Do yourself a favor and check in duke…


01.Amed & 40oz. – “Just One Of Those Days”
02. Shorty Long – “Purple Rain”
03. GD & AG – “Flip Shit”
04. AG – “We Do That Too”
05. Harlem Kngihts – “Harlem Knights”
06. Grand Agent Ft. AG – “Rap Niggaz”
07. Milano – “Rep For The Slums”
08. Mykill Miers Ft. AG & Party Arty – “Straight Dirt”
09. Wild Life Ft. OC, Party Arty & A Bless – “Bad Rep”
10. Wild Life Ft. Fat Joe & Big Pun – “Best Behavior”
11. M.O.P. – “Pounds Up”
12. Freddie Foxxx – “Hey Ho”
13. OC – “Doin’ Dirt”
14. Wild Life Ft. GD & A Bless – “Rap Game”
15. Remy Ma Ft. Fat Joe – “That’s That Shit”
16. D.I.T.C. – “Time to Get This Money”
17. OC & AG – “Pain”


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