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” Chyskillz Speaks “

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.40.07 PM

Former producer for Onyx, “CHYSKILLZ” gets the interview treatment on a recent FOURTH AND LONG podcast…..After all these years this is the first interview I have spotted with the reclusive beatsmith – so consider this a Hip Hop treat…

Here are a few facts about CHYSKILLZ that you might not be aware of..

1….LARGO PRO was his mentor…

2….First production credit was the remix for THE FAMILY, “Runs In the Family”….You should pat yourself on the back if you remember the video for that shit…HAHAHA.

3….Russell Simmons signed him to a production deal after only hearing one song.

4….Plays multiple instruments…

*He also explains why he didn’t contribute beats to ONYX after the first album..


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