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” Mista Sinista Speaks “

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This is the most in-depth interview on MISTA SINISTA that I have ever heard…If your a fan the X-ECUTIONERS, if you appreciate his contributions to beat juggling, or if your in the mood for Hip Hop history  101 – do yourself a favor and peep this recent Q&A session with the SOUTHERN VANGUARD…

“BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the #MistaSinista #interview session! We take it back to Queens this week with one of the X-men’s / X-ecutioner’s finest – and given we’ve done interviews with Dr. Butcher & Rob Swift this year, it was great to connect the dots and get Sin’s history as a fledgling DJ in the late 80’s/early 90’s. We really take it back as we get into the immense, early influence his family had on him musically, the first hip-hop record he copped and how a lot of young folks today are missing out on experiences like this due to the way music is consumed. Dig in deeper, you say? How about the Loud days and Steve Rifkind’s vision for the group, Sin’s production work for Kukoo in the mid-90s and the infamous cuts he laid down for the Beatnuts & Common during the same time period…Resurrection…Are You Ready….The B*tch in Yoo…what more I can there be?! There’s lots more, but we can’t give it all away here, so buckle in and listen up people”



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