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” Behind The Wall “

Picture 10

When you put music out to the world, you never truly have a clue who will get their hands on it…In my case, I try not to focus on that particular aspect so heavily-my main concern is that I put my best foot forward, pour my soul and energy into it, and remain true to my beliefs and Hip Hop ethics….

But I must admit it’s a nice surprise when something you helped create reaches people and places that you never imagined – for instance my music is reaching young cats that are on lock down….Hopefully my art will continue to inspire them and give them the strength to move forward….

For the background music he spit his versus to instrumentals from producers Ayatollah and Drasar Monumental. Both of the pieces were reflective. We’ve already completed dozens of recordings with Deasy including poetry, rhyme song writings, and freestyles. We’re at a point now where the goal is to develop a collection of recordings that speak to a specific theme, or moment in his life for a mixtape project. Deasy talked about being inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s record To Pimp a Butterfly and also taps into MF Grimm’s catalog including Scars & Memories, American Hunger, and his latest listens with the Good Morning Vietnam volumes. Deasy’s word play was much more specific this time around…organized and focused. He discussed some challenges he’s been dealing with lately and the urgency he felt to document something of substance for his children and family.


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