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” Ayatollah Unkut “

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*Above photo – B-1, AYATOLLAH & BOMB (yes that is the same Bomb who blew up the spot on LL’s Queens anthem FARMERS BLVD)…

My cuzzo AYATOLLAH recently received the interview treatment with ROB UNKUT out in Australia…..

Do you have a lot of unreleased music that you’ve been holding onto?

Yeah. I’ve got a couple of songs with B-1 that nobody’s ever heard before. We’re going to try to put together an album. That guy’s an amazing MC. He’s rhymed with Kool G Rap and Nas, Large Professor produced him. Xtra-P is one of my idols.

How did you meet Drasar for the Box Cutter Brothers series?

MF Grimm connected us together, he introduced me to Drasar. He’s the man behind the Box Cutter Brothers! I spoke with Drasar tonight and I was like, ‘When do we start Box Cutter 4?’ And he was like, ‘Now! Start sending music for the next one tonight!’

Have you got any funny digging stories?

One time I was in the Village – Soho, Manhattan – I had a couple of record spots I used to go to. One day Henry Wrinkler came into the record store where I was digging for records, and he was buying records! I turned around like, ‘You’re The Fonz!’ I shook his hand, I showed him the records I was buying, he showed me his. [laughs]

What was The Fonz copping?

He bought some Simon and Garfunkle records, he bought some Beatles albums. He told me he liked folk music.


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