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” Mr. Lawnge : Class of 89 “

Picture 7

I got a nice treat for all the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD faithful today that will help jump start your week…

Back in 2006 MISTA LAWNGE (Black Sheep, White Crows, etc) dropped the “Class of 89” solo album with him taking control of the mic duties along with the board work….I’m quite sure many of you never heard this project before, so do the right thing and scoop this up before it disappears….

“Just in case you missed it…. This is the full length version of my 2006 solo album called “The Class of ’89.” No features, just me. But…. Don’t expect to hear any watered down sing songie R&B hooks. This is RAW Hip Hop! Just Beats and Bars… NO BullSh!#! When you get a chance give it a listen and let me know what YOU think. I just do what I do”…..


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