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” Supreme Wreckage on Deck “

Picture 5

* UPDATE, Big up to TOAST for sending me the link for this…Here you go troopers…”Battlefield Breaks” – DL LINK

4-5 years ago I put together the BATTLEFIELD BREAKS mixtape….

Unfortunately it was uploaded on Mediafire and they deaded the majority of the links from that time period for some ODD reason (SUCKAZ)…Anyway, I have been looking for this mix on old hard drives, random CD’s, and all types of formats for the last 48 hours, but I haven’t tracked it down as of yet..

If any of the loyal BATTLEFIELD readers have this mix in the stash, please contact me ASAP….I will NEVER do this type of mix again (I spent too much time in my life tracking down nasty, unused open drum breaks on wax for me to allow these new age MP3 producers to rack my shit)…

*Artwork by BLAME LO


Picture 6

One response

  1. Toast

    I’ve got something called “Battlefield Birthday Breaks For Your Face.” It runs 32’49”. You’re listed as “Drasar Monumental Crate Crasher.” Is this what you’re looking for?

    May 19, 2015 at 10:00 PM

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