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” Paul Nice : Deadly Venoms Mix “

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PAUL NICE is back on his 2015 grizzly…..

“In the world of Hip Hop, very few heads are Kung Fu film aficionados, and even fewer are top-notch producers that can incorporate their love of the genre into craft. Sure The RZA is the obvious choice, but heavy in the game and digging for rare Kung Fu artifacts and memorabilia since the early days of mail order trades and Times Square VHS bootleg spots, Paul Nice is definitely that guy. Over the years he’s released 4 volumes to his popular 5 Fingers of Death Battle Breaks vinyl series, paying homage to one of his favorite films which still to this day is coveted by scratch DJ’s. Well Nice is back with his latest tribute and this one is centered around what quite possibly is the second most famous film in the Hip Hop world, the 5 Deadly Venoms.

Deadly Venoms is tribute mix featuring original library music as heard in many of the classic Shaw Brothers films featuring the Venom Mob including Kid With The Golden Arm, Masked Avengers, Invincible Shaolin, Rebel Intruders and more. The downloadable mix is available now for pre-order via his Bandcamp page with a 4- minute mega mix available to stream now.”


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