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” African Funk Mode “

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Here is a recent mix from the peoples over at VOODOO FUNK-

“I still have record shipments coming in from Ghana and Nigeria and I’m also working on various re-issue projects about which I will post here on the blog as they are hitting the market but for the next few years I will spend most of my time with non-record-related activities, away from nightclubs and away from the internet. However, I might still play the occasional party around Latin America and in October, when the rainy season here gets a bit too wet for my liking I’ll return to Europe and Asia for some dj parties. Just keep checking to your right under “dj gigs”. Here’s a Nigerian funk mix, I put together with some recent new discoveries. Sorry, I’m not publishing track lists anymore but there’s a ton more mixes all throughout the other posts of this blog and all of the older ones come with complete track lists. Enjoy!”


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