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” Cratery 73 “

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JOHN KONG (Do Right Music) hits us with a session that is loaded with all types of interesting selections…

Give us a memorable digging story.

There are probably too many for me to zoom in on one particular moment. Collecting records has been a part of my life for so many years now that it’s incorporated into my day. I can be going down the street for lunch and I just pop into June Records or Cosmos Records and take a flip. The same goes for when I’m on the road: if I’m in London or Tokyo, my dealer friends there know the kind of stuff I’m looking for, which is a pretty wide variety, so I just decide whether I want to pay their asking price. I get my hands less dirty these days but I pay the price, I guess.

Share your fondest memory of the Movement era.

There was the time Keb Darge flying in with a box of 7’s worth the downpayment on a house. Or when Warwick, Nav, Aki, Jason Palma, and I convinced Gilles Peterson to DJ out of our crates when his records didn’t arrive on the plane. Musically, we could play whatever we wanted to a receptive audience without any sort of limitation. When was the last time they put anyone on the cover of NOW Magazine for playing jazz records?


1. Jerzy Milian – Wsrod Pampasow
2. Kaokiri – Memme Vaev
3. Ahmad Jamal – Tucson
4. Novi Singers – Five, four, three
5. Maki – Untitled
6. Four-um – Day Dreaming
7. Copa 7 – Copa Sete No Samba
8. Bemibem – Jajecznica
9. Cristina Camargo – Moral Tem Hora
10. Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti – Gingo
11. Sweet Blindness – Maaria
12. Barbara Fisher – Bad Advice
13. Pete Dunaway – Supermarket
14. Guitar Red – Disco from a space show
15. Francis Lai – Number one
16. Pyramid – Song for Bobby
17. The Chosen Few – We are the chosen few
18. Malone/Barnes and Spontaneous Simplicity – Moonstruck
19. Juan Pablo Torres – Y Viva La Felicidad
20. Release Music Orchestra – Torso Im Sommerwind


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  1. alter

    Im gonna peep this ill

    April 21, 2015 at 7:33 PM

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